Born in Valencia in November 1979, since he was very young he feels a remarkable vocation for cookery and everything related with gastronomy.

Just finished high-school and coinciding with the opening of the CDT at Valencia he completes his degree in the first promotion of this center. Then he directly travels to Switzerland to complete a stage in Rapperswill (1* Michelin) and at is return to Spain, joins the Racó de Can Fabes (3* Michelin) as head cook acquiring experience and admiration for Santi Santamarias’s cooking.

Then he moves to Madrid where, apart from working with Sergi Arola at the La Broche restaurant (2* Michelin), he was chef at Casa Cirilo and Gala restaurants.
Back at Valencia he was Torrijos Restaurant’s (1* Michelin) chef cook for three years from where he moved to Benalmádena, where he became Director and chef cook at El Higuerón restaurant.

In October 2008 he opened Kaymus restaurant in Valencia which he runs with the support of his parents.

In November 2010 he receives the Premio de Gastronomía de la Cartelera Levante prize and in November 2012 he is becomes a Michelin Guide Star Nominee and is awarded with a Sun by the Guia Repsol guide.